Word Chop

The Reverse Word Game!

This is a word game for true puzzle fans! Free to download and play.

Think Backwards

Word Chop is like completing a crossword - but in reverse. Drag letters off the grid to make a word. The catch? You must ensure that all horizontal and vertical words are valid before you can 'chop' your new word. Clear the whole grid to earn three stars!

Free To Play

Download for free and no purchase required

A Range Of Difficulty

Starting off with simple three-letter puzzles, Word Chop has challenges even for the keenest and smartest puzzlers.

Free Roam

Never get stuck on a puzzle. Use the menu to play any puzzle at any time - no locked puzzles. Pick the puzzle difficulty to suit your mood.

Block Brain

If you want a very tricky puzzle, try out Block Brain


Read about how I made Word Chop in Flutter.


If you have a bug-report or other feedback about Word Chop, please email wordchop@championshipsoftware.com

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